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At Espy Repair Company we are MacBook repair specialists. Don't let the genius bar fool you, if you have been told your Mac cannot be fixed we probably can repair it. Sticking keys, broken screens, faulty charging ports—there are a variety of problems your MacBook may experience and we can solve them. We do things differently than Apple when it comes to MacBook repair. In return, our best in class Mac repair practices will save you time and money. From liquid damage to simple system upgrades, let Espy Repair Company restore your MacBook to excellent condition!

Not Local to the QCA and need a Mac repair? Mail Us Your MacBook and we will fix it!

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Wet Mac? Don't Panic! We can repair your MacBook, so you don't have to buy a new one!

MacBook Logic Board Repair

When your logic board stops working you might be told to replace it. Not here, we can repair it.

Routine MacBook Repairs

Keyboard and Trackpad replacements, Screen Repairs and Battery Replacements are just another day at Espy.

Is Your MacBook...

macbook pro logic board, liquid damaged mac

Liquid Damaged?

Even the smallest amount of liquid can destroy your Apple Laptops logic board, even if it's turned off. Liquid spill damage can even cause your keyboard, trackpad, display, or battery to stop working. Many places will offer "liquid cleaning" as a service to hopefully restore your Mac laptop, and if it doesn't work they will charge $500-$1200 to replace your MacBooks logic board. If you have spilled water, wine, soda or beer in your MacBook don't write it off as a total loss just yet. We specialize in logic board repair and are able to repair liquid damaged MacBooks and in most cases we can restore your MacBook at half the price of what the Genius bar will charge you.

Don't wait for the rice to dry your Mac. Bring your wet MacBook to Espy Repair ASAP and let the real geniuses get to work.

Not Charging?

A MacBook can stop charging for many reasons. Magsafe or USB-C charging ports can fail. Batteries can go bad and stop accepting a charge. The charging circuit on your MacBook Pro or MacBook air logic board can become faulty. What ever the case may be, Epsy Repair Company is equipped to diagnose your MacBook right when you bring it in. And in some cases we are able to resolve MacBook not charging issues same day! No appointment necessary.

macbook logic board, logicboard repair

Not turning on?

If you MacBook is not turning on trust your independent MacBook repair specialists to get your MacBook back in working order. Many times our customers MacBooks have been misdiagnosed by Apple authorized repair shops, and have been quoted $600-1200 to repair their Mac. At Espy Repair Company, we work diligently to specifically find out why your MacBook won't turn on. That way you pay for the exact repair that you need.

There are many possible solutions to fix a MacBook that is not turning on including logic board repair, keyboard replacement, power button replacement, charge port replacement, battery replacement, trackpad replacement and more. When you bring your MacBook to Espy Repair Company we begin our work immediately, letting you know what EXACTLY is wrong with your Mac typically within 15-20 minutes.

mac keyboard, laptop keyboard

Keyboard or TrackPad Failing?

If you go to an Apple with a MacBook keyboard or trackpad issue you will likely be quoted a price for replacing the entire top case of your Apple Laptop. At Espy Repair Company we do not believe in charging you for a repair you do not need. That's why we decide to go the extra mile and put in more effort into fixing your MacKook keyboard issues. We replace only the keyboard if it needs to be replaced and only the trackpad if the trackpad needs to be replaced. That way you get the repair you NEED at a better price.

macbook battery replacement

Battery bad?

Your MacBook battery will degrade over time and typically will need to be replaced after hundreds of cycles. Certain models of MacBook batteries are fairly simple to replace and can be done in under 20 minutes. Other MacBook batteries are glued to the top case and take more time. Just like with keyboard and trackpad replacements, the Apple store or an Apple-authorized service provider will tell you that most battery replacements will require a full top case replacement. We don't agree with that. Espy Repair Company can replace any battery glued or otherwise without replacing your MacBook top case. If your MacBook battery is swelling, not holding a charge, or not charging at all bring your Apple laptop into Espy Repair for a 100% free estimate.

MacBook Screen Replacement Moline Illinois

Screen blank?

If you open up your MacBook and there is nothing on the screen your Mac laptop may have a blown backlight circuit. It is also possible that the display cable or display itself has failed. The 2016-2018 MacBook pro's and Air's have a design flaw where the display cables were made too short and will tear just from normal use. This tear will cause the MacBook to show nothing on the screen. Likewise, 2012 and 2013 MacBook Pros have a manufacturing flaw where the solder joints of the GPU mux chip crack and cause the display to stop working. What we are trying to say is that Apple has a history with display issues, and At Espy Repair Company, we can diagnose and resolve all of these problems.

Apple Laptop Repair Pricing

Logic Board Repair
MacBook Pro Unibody* $200
MacBook Air (pre 2013) $175
MacBook Air (2013-2017) $250
MacBook Pro Retina (2013-2015) $250
12″ MacBook Retina A1534 (2015-2017)*
MacBook Pro USB-C (2016 or newer) $250-$450
MacBook Air Retina (2019 or newer) $350-$450
Battery Replacement
MacBook Pro Unibody $90
MacBook Air (pre 2013) $100
MacBook Air (2013-2017) $100
MacBook Pro Retina (2013-2015) $175
*MacBook Retina A1534 (2015-2017)*
MacBook Pro USB-C (2016 or newer) $185
MacBook Air Retina (2019 or newer) $185
Keyboard Replacement
MacBook Pro Unibody* $125
MacBook Air (pre 2013) $175
MacBook Air (2013-2017) $175
MacBook Pro Retina (2013-2015) $185
*MacBook Retina A1534 (2015-2017)*
MacBook Pro USB-C (2016 or newer) Ask
MacBook Air Retina (2019 or newer) Ask
TrackPad Replacement


MacBook Pro Unibody* $90
MacBook Air (pre 2013) $110
MacBook Air (2013-2017) $110
MacBook Pro Retina (2013-2015) $140
*MacBook Retina A1534 (2015-2017)*
MacBook Pro USB-C (2016 or newer) $150
MacBook Air Retina (2019 or newer) $150

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